Highly Recommended: Dispose, a monthly publication documenting various lives around the globe with disposable cameras

We recently discovered the online publication, Dispose. Run by Bruno Levy, Alex Hollender, Arpana Rayamajhi and curated by Michael Avedon and Timothy Sullivan, Dispose distributes disposable cameras across the globe to various people and requests that they document a single day with 27 exposures. One of the pictures must be a self portrait. The idea is simple, but the results are outstanding and inspiring. Every two weeks, they showcase four individuals and their photos on their blog.

We can’t get enough of this project and had to share it. Take a look and bookmark their site. This is one you’ll want to visit again and again. Maybe you’ll even be one of the photographers they choose to showcase someday. One can dream…

Here are some favorite shots from various issues:

Anabell Ruiz
from Anabell Ruiz // designer & photographer / Merida, Venezuela / Issue 12

Alyssa Pusecker
from Alyssa Pusecker // butterfly ambassador / Columbia, Ohio / Issue 11

Hassan Rahim
from Hassan Rahim // art director & artist / Los Angeles, California / Issue 10

Atul Ohri
from Atul Ohri // tech entrepreneur / Mumbai, India / Issue 9

Lora Franco
from Lora Franco // artist / Caracas, Venezuela / Issue 8

Adrianna Glaviano
from Adrianna Glaviano // photographer / Corfu & Athens, Greece / Issue 7

Gloria Chung
from Gloria Chung // photographer / Elka Park, New York / Issue 6

Gabriel Florenz
from Gabriel Florenz // artist, director / Brooklyn, New York / Issue 5

Nick and Kate
from Nick & Kate // students traveling / Paris, France / Issue 4

DJ Harvey
from DJ Harvey // dj, producer / Venice, California / Issue 3

Debbie Attias
from Debbie Attias // singer / Brooklyn, New York / Issue 2