Hundreds of Young, Aspiring Photographers and Artists from Around the World Curating a Massive Collection of Work

Since opening our Flickr Pool for submissions, we’ve attracted nearly 500 members from around the world who have all contributed to a massive gallery of over 5,000 images. Between our social media, Tumblr, new forum, and everything else we do, the Flickr Pool might be the most impressive sub-community within the Nonsense Society. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who posts to our pool, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, forum, participate in contests, etc. and recognize some outstanding work here. These artists are remarkable. This is the kind of thing that makes what we do 100% totally worth it. We love you, Nonsense Society.

Rebekah Campbell


Archie Hanafi

Julia Morozova

Francesca Michelle Lugo

Alessandra Montis

Claire Wakeford

Bhumika Bhatia


Olivia Harmon

Emily Louise Harris


Kyle Meadows

Kristen T. Cates

Olivia L Photography

Jessica Christie


Matt CN

Maxim Dolgobrod

Nicola Bortoli

Garima Garg

Jotabe SPBR


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